2015/16 Bookclub!

2015/16 Bookclub!

This year the book club at seven summits has been striving to pick great books to read and review. Sadly their first book was a bit too long and not enough people finished for us to review it. Luckily for us nearly the whole group finished their second book, Across the Universe. 17 year old Amy joins her parents as living cargo on a spaceship called Godspeed. The destination of the ship is an inhabitable planet for humankind to start all over again. In order to get their young and ready to inhabit the planet many are frozen and are told that the journey will take 301 years for them to land. Amy is woken up 50 years earlier than expected by an unknown assailant. Will she be able to adapt to these people and their rules? When will she see her parents again? And who unplugged her? So many questions. So little time. Here are some quotes from some of our readers.

This book really took me across the universe! – Scarlet

Entirely original, totally satisfying, terrible ending – Yasmin

A great Frexing book – Aerin

here are our club scores out of 5

Scarlet: 4/5

Rhiana: 3.75/5

Arin: 4/5

Yasmin: 3.1415/5

the clubs next book will be Graceling. This was chosen by Sylvie.


Can’t wait to share our review with you!


The Seven Summits Book Club.

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