Seven Summits Centre for Learning offers a blended model approach to learning in partnership with SD71, Navigate. This partnership provides two options for students who wish to complete courses towards their BC graduation requirements and enrich their knowledge of subject areas.

First, a student may choose to enroll through SD71, Navigate strictly as an online learner and work from home. This is at no cost to a resident of British Columbia and easy to do online HERE.

Alternately, a student may apply to attend Seven Summit Centre for Learning and take core courses in a blended model approach. This option provides the student with face to face learning in conjunction with an online platform. This is typical to what one might experience in university with seminars 2-3 times per week along with independent work. This option also provides students access to participate in all workshops and activities provided by the Centre. All academy athletes require this type of enrollment to support their athletic training.

Priority will be given to:
Those who have met returning learner requirements
Applicants applying for both semesters
Grade 10-12 Rossland youth (must have lived in Rossland for at least a year)
Siblings of returning learners
Grade 8 & 9 Rossland youth (must have lived in Rossland for at least a year)
Grade 10-12 Kootenay youth
Grade 8 & 9 Kootenay youth
Special circumstances will be considered on individual merits

A schedule for when applications will be accepted and for when acceptance notice will be given will be posted on the website each year by March 1st. Returning learners’ applications will be considered with new registrants following the prescribed timeline for the academic year for which they are applying. All things being equal, a returning learner will be accepted over a new applicant.

Payment plans for each application year will be posted. Should an applicant miss a payment the board of 7S can choose to give their spot to another applicant. All payments are non-refundable. However, refunds (partial or full) will be made in the unfortunate circumstance of death or serious disability of the applicant/learner.
Please Note: There are additional fees for non-local students and competitive athletetes. Please contact the Centre for more details.

Once applicants are accepted, they must complete all necessary forms both online and in hard copy and give all necessary payments (preferably in the form of cheques) as laid out in the application package, within two weeks. Parents are expected to volunteer a minimum of 25 hours. The facility fee contains a refundable deposit of $250, which will be reimbursed by June 30th if the minimum parent volunteer hours are met. If they are not met the $250 will be forfeited. Parents will be asked to sign up on the Centre’s volunteer roster for their parent volunteer component.

Learners will be advised when course selection will happen and the choices available. All learners will take a minimum of 8 courses per year (or 4 per semester) unless special arrangements have been made with the administration. Cross-enrolling with other educational facilities is acceptable and will be discussed with each individual learner when applicable. All Learners must complete 50 hours of volunteer time each academic year.

Sibling rates are indicated by March 1st on the website. Siblings rates will be determined by the sibling with the higher rate being the first sibling and then the sibling rate being applied to the lower paying sibling in cases where one of the siblings is not taking a full course load (8 courses).

Second Semester applicants
Second semester intakes are only available for grades 10-12.

Any 10-12 learner who had made arrangements with the Centre, during their initial acceptance to the Centre, with regards to their attendance for second semester must indicate their decision on whether to attend second semester to the administrator by November 15th of that school year.

New intake applications for the second semester will be due by November 30th of that academic year. These applicants will follow the same guidelines as for September intakes. If there is space available, they will receive notification of acceptance by December 15th and payment will be due that day for a minimum of 50% of the facility fee. If they chose to pay only 50% on December 15th the final 50% is due January 15th. All second semester learners must take a minimum of 4 courses.

Courses taken from other educational institutions
Learners must show proof of successfully completed courses before final enrolment at Navigate that are taken via other educational institutions, i.e. DESK, SD8, SD20 before being allowed to continue onto higher levels. All required courses must be completed and proven to be completed each academic year unless other arrangements have been made with the Centre.