Kokanee Creek

Camping Trip Sept 14 – 16

Camping Trip September 14-16 at Camp Koolaree

Forms and Cheques due Thursday Sept. 10 (see below to print forms)

This all grades camping trip is a wonderful start to our school year and a great team building forum for all the learners and mentors.  The three days will be filled with activities, free time and lots of memories. This retreat is Technology Free!!  So please leave all cell phones at home. (Unfortunately any cell phones will be confiscated then returned at the end of the camp).

Please print and sign the Informed Consent here and bring in by Friday, September 11th.

The packing list is available here.
We are looking for a few parent helpers for the trip. Please contact Ann if you would like to help.
Emergency contact numbers for parents to contact mentors/learners will be sent home prior to the trip.


  1. Sara Golling

    I applaud the “technology-free” aspect of the camping trip.

    Though we gain so much through our electronic communications, we also LOSE so much if we are slaves to them and don’t take time to recognize that we are a part of the natural world, and that unless we take action to help keep it as healthy as possible, we endanger everything that we rely on for our lives and livelihoods.

    1. Aerin Guy

      Great points, Sara! No tech is also great for helping our learners connect to each other during the beginning of the year.

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