“Providing children and youth with the skills to engage in the world around them and watching them get inspired is a never-ending goal and joy for me.”

Ann Quarterman moved to Rossland in 1989 for one ski season and hasn’t left since!  She came for the skiing but stayed because of the community.  Originally from Quebec, Ann has been involved in various forms of education for over 25 years.  She has coached and taught all forms of skiing and continues to coach cross country skiing today.  When there isn’t snow on the ground you can find her out on the bike trails.  She likes to travel and see new places but loves coming home and finds the travel reinforces that Rossland is the best place to live.
Ann has a varied work history from publishing to geology to cooking, but education is her passion.   Ann has extensive experience in non-profit organizations having been on numerous boards and working as a contractor with non-profits for the past 16 years. All her past experience gives her the expertise in setting up programs, running operations, and special events and finding funding opportunities.
Ann Quarterman – Operations Manager
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