“My wife and I have lived in Rossland for 14 years. Now with our 2 children Vaeda and Lewin, our community has become even more of a home, where we love to work, recreate, and be a part of this amazing place.”

Jonny is an enthusiastic and active outdoors person, passionate about hiking, biking, skiing and camping. He has high hopes for his children’s futures, to learn and grow in such a special place as Rossland.

Jonny has been a Certified Teacher for 10 years, and has worked in Outdoor Education and with Youth Programs for over 15 years. His experiences as a participant in Canada World Youth, plus further International opportunities during his 20’s, have all guided him in his teaching practice and education focus. Incorporating a range of activities, experiences and learning approaches, actively and academically, he believes, is excellent for learning success.

Specific Focus as an Educator

Jonny’s personal focus as an educator is in Language, Humanities, and the ways of the world. He strives to bring global perspectives and multi-cultural points of view to learners, creating discussions that open their minds and hearts, to the diversity that makes the country and planet incredible!

The 2016-17 School year, will be his 10th year as a teacher, having worked in both Public and Independent schools, both in the classroom and online. His experiences in learning and education have been vast, teaching him that education can take place at any time, and in many ways. He has learned and taught in Canadian schools in the Kootenays and on Haida Gwaii, overseas in Africa and the Middle East, as well as online, and each has been valuable.

He has a BA in Linguistics & Cultural Anthropology, as well as a Minor in English Literature; his B.Ed then brought him into education. Ultimately however, he feels his greatest learning has come through work and travel in over 40 of our world’s incredible countries, and from the people he’s met along the way.

Areas of Expertise/Interest

  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Film
  • Humanities
Jonny Coleshill – Teacher
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