In 2014, the Seven Summits Centre for Learning graduated 3 learners.

In 2015, 6 learners achieved their Grade 12 senior matriculation.

As our program grows, our graduating learners move on to exciting futures of higher education, travel, adventure, and pursuit of their goals and dreams.

Here are some of their stories:


Devin (2016)

Devin, a freshly graduated 2016 7S world traveller, has been solo globetrotting since September 2016. She has visited the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. Her passport has been getting a workout because she also blitzed through France, Italy, and Switzerland.
Her experience visiting so many different countries showed her how unique each place was in their own ways.  She is motivated to travel because it’s constant growth that poses both good and bad moments. She’s learned to get through the hard times, and feels a sense of accomplishment when she comes out on the other side of a challenge. .
With a compassionate heart, during her travels she volunteered at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai and supports her love of travel by working hard at various jobs.
She thought she had her post secondary planned, with an interest in holistic nutrition, but since travelling she has had experiences that are steering her towards Applied Animal Biology.  Travelling has afforded her lots of time to think. Animals are a big part of her life and she is happiest when volunteering and working to help animals live a better life.
Devin’s fondest memory at 7S was the support and people. Because its a small school everyone is forced to be around people with whom they may not usually associate, but it’s these friendships that she’s greatly treasured. “You get to know people with different interests and other social crowds”.
To the current students of 7S she says: “Don’t drop out of classes just because they’re hard. I’m learning that the hard way now trying to apply and look into university. Don’t feel like you need to please anyone, you are you, and that is special – you don’t need to follow the crowd. Don’t be embarrassed to be who you are. In the long run, high school won’t mean much. Find what you are passionate about and go do that, because at the end of the day if you are happy, that is all that matters”.

Sage  (2016)

As one of 7S’s all-girl grad class of 2016, Sage spent her first year in her home town, enjoying the beautiful Kootenay summer and training for her sport of choice, cross country skiing. She attended some training camps and also worked as a lifeguard at the Trail Aquatic and Leisure Centre.
Born in Trail and a Rossland resident, Sage has enjoyed the supportive community and family life, but is now ready for new challenges, academically and athletically. This straight A student is looking forward to meeting new people in her future.
She loves being challenged both physically and intellectually. The universities that she is considering all have a scholarship component which would be on the table for academics and if the school is affiliated with the NCAA, the costs associated with their sport could also be supplemented if students perform exceptionally well in their sport. All her prospective choices have strong cross country ski programs, which will spur her competitive spirit.
Sage spent 1 ½ years at Seven Summits, her first semester of grade 11, then Crowe for the second. She made the decision to return to 7S for her grade 12 year, craving a more challenging curriculum and flexible training/racing schedule. Not only a hardworking student, she has honed her time management skills which she attributes to the 7S culture of promoting independence, as is evidenced by her Double Dogwood Diploma, that means she is tres fluent in French and basically graduated in two languages.
With almost a year to make some major decisions about her post-secondary education, she has time to stay in the Kootenays before embarking on the next stage of her life studying bio sciences with an interest in research.
Sage started competing in grade 8 and was last in every race. She has improved every year and now places in the top half. Last year she received the BC Aggregate Award for girls in her age range. She is competing in the NorAm circuit and participates in BC Cups when convenient. These races include Western Canadians, Eastern Canadians, and US and Canadian Nationals.
To the current class of 7S 2016-2017 she has this to say: “Have fun with your grade 12 year. Don’t take on too much”.
To the community at large, she thanks all of Rossland saying: “The community is awesome. It’s a great place I feel at home and connected to the community. Amazing place to grow up”. A special shout out to Coach Dave Wood, who really helped her improve, and her parents and sister who are always there for her.
One of her fondest memories was the graduation ceremony at the ski hill and the teachers saying great things about the students.
To those considering Seven Summits and Rossland as a school and a home: “If you like the outdoors and family and community centred this is the place to come. Seven Summits just adds to that. It’s small but less people means we’re close-knit”.

James  (2015)

James was the winner of the Columbia Basin Trust’s Youth Community Service Award, which reward volunteer community service. The emphasis for award selection is on a significant contribution of impactful and meaningful volunteer time, energy and/or talent that fosters community well-being.

James began volunteering at age 14 as a member of the Youth Planning Team for the U19 Film Festival. He then ran film camps for kids, joined Columbia Basin Trust’s Youth Advisory Committee, supported local businesses with his film expertise and became a key volunteer of Rossland’s Youth Action Network.
James is starting his first year studying at Emily Carr University of Art & Design.

Check out his DEMO REEL here.

Patrick  (2014)

Patrick is one of the two 2014 inaugural grads.  He has since returned to his home in Switzerland after spending a couple of weeks in Toronto with a fellow 7S friend.   He intends on studying health and technology in Zurich, perhaps along the lines of bioengineering, at ETH Zurich, ranked amongst the top 10 universities in the world.

Not unlike his expat contemporaries, Patrick wanted to learn English and ski.  He competed in slalom and GS and still competes in the Swiss Students National Team.   At first, he experienced some challenges balancing schooling and skiing because there was less direction than he had traditionally received.  It took some time to develop his independence, but as the year progressed, he learned how to be more self-guided.  Foosball is very distracting.  Very much like the 7S students today, he skied in the morning then studied in the afternoon.  There was a three-month period where he only attended the center one day a week because of FIS races.

Patrick’s interest in biotechnology stemmed from his interest in sports, anatomy, physics, and math.  He has a friend, the president of ski team in Switzerland and Chief of Race who introduced him to theory and prosthetics.  Patrick is fascinated by analyzing the condition of a person and developing a goal to optimize efficiency.  He is keen to apply his innovative spirit to make a career out of these passions. He hopes to practice some discipline related to bioengineering in Zurich or the US that can apply to ski racing.  As a racer, he might take some time off to ski himself.

His fondest memory is of his host family, the Andisons.  He found them super kind and open – they looked after him well.  They did lots of fun things in the evenings and on weekends, like camping.  He has remained in close contact with them.

In general, he really enjoyed his time here tree skiing and FIS team road trips.  In summers, he enjoyed mountain biking.  He enjoyed the whole Rossland community.  He felt at home day one and was never bored. An outdoor sports-loving outdoorsman is going to do well here.  With a lot of great memories in Canada, he may continue to visit.  Two summers ago, he spent a month in the summer backpacking through Lake Louise and Tofino on Vancouver Island and was here for the holiday season visiting his home away from home, the Andisons.

He hopes to get on the podium this year in FIS levels.  His performance is good in regionals, and in FIS level, 5th place has been his best result.  He hopes to podium this year in FIS level.

He has some good advice for this generation of 7S students:  “ Don’t wait – start working on your assignments. When it’s done, it’s done.  Don’t wait until spring because you’ll be busy in race season”.  As most racers know, training and racing season is busiest in fall and winter, so it’s important to manage workload to avoid doing everything after ski season in a panic.

As for skiers: “Just ski.  Whether good conditions or for fun in powder – keep it fun. Focus on fun, better to stay loose. Your performance can be better if you don’t focus on it too much. Ski”.

Good advice – let’s take it.