Rossland, “Canada’s Alpine City”


Nestled in the crater of an ancient volcano at an elevation of 1023 metres (3410 feet), Rossland is one of Canada’s highest cities.

The rich arteries of minerals that bubbled near the surface during  those eruptions were discovered in 1890 by prospector Joe Moris, and in a few short years Rossland’s fame spread around the world for her fabulous deposites of gold.

It was 70 years later that Rossland again became famous.  This time for striking Olympic Gold!  First with Nancy Greene and again with Kerrin Lee-Gartner.

These days visitors still come from around the world seeking treasure in hills around Rossland, but now in the form of unparralelled Alpine, Cross Country and Backcountry Skiing as well as Mountain Biking and Hiking

Rossland has been known as the ‘Mountain Bike Capital of Canada’ since 1993 when it was awarded this title, with an extensive trail system that radiates from downtown.

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