Here are some of the ways that you can support 7S.


All donations to the Learning Center under “Visions for small Schools” are eligible for a charitable donation receipt.  Contact the center for more information


Be a Community Mentor, help with building maintenance or help with a community experience or field trip.  We need you!

Ferraro Food Gift Card Fundraising Program

The costs of running the centre and providing workshops and extracurricular activities far exceeds our facility fees and government funding. In an effort to keep the program affordable we use Ferraro Food Gift Cards as a way to fundraise. Our expectation is that all families will participate in this program as much as they can contribute. For every dollar that you spend at their stores using a Ferraro Food Gift Card, Ferraros donates 10% to Seven Summits Centre for Learning. There is no cost (aside from your grocery bill) to supporting the program; if you give us a cheque for $500 you will receive $500 of gift cards.

  • How to join the Ferraro Foods Fundraiser:
  • Decide how much you typically spend at Ferraro’s on a monthly basis.
  • Write monthly post-dated cheques dated the first of the month to Seven Summits Centre for Learning for an amount that makes sense for you.
  • Bring your cheques to the Centre or send with your learner.
  • Contact Sue or Ann if you would like to do cash deposits.
  • A few days after the first of the month cards will be sent home with your learner or you can arrange for pick up.

Thanks to Ferraro Foods for this incredible fundraiser!