parent volunteerSeven Summits Centre for Learning relies on volunteer involvement to allow the Centre to keep program fees as low as possible and to have a variety of courses, programs and workshops. Seven Summits Centre for Learning expects all families to volunteer for the Centre.  

Administration will work in conjunction with mentors and the community to implement our parent volunteer component. A list of required volunteers and associated activities will be available to parents to fill in once their child has been accepted to the Centre. All volunteers working directly with the learners will complete a criminal record check. All volunteers must check in and out in the volunteer book and with an administrator or mentor upon arrival and departure.

The Centre could existence without the help, dedication and countless hours of numerous community, board, and staff volunteers. To show our ongoing appreciation and to instill a community-minded ethic, learners are expected to give back to the community by way of volunteer hours. Learners will work with their mentors and administration to set up volunteer opportunities that addresses their passions, interests and needs. Learners can complete their volunteer hours doing one activity or a multitude of activities. Volunteer hours can be fulfilled inside or outside Centre hours.  Learners must fill out the volunteer hour logbook and have it signed by the supervising adult to ensure they show completion of their hours. Learners are expected to fulfill a minimum of 50 volunteer hours (Bronze), but will be rewarded with certificates, commendations on their transcripts and other awards for completing 75 (Silver), 100 (Gold) and 125 (Platinum) volunteer hours per year.