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West Kootenay Social Studies Field Trip – Day 3

On October 5-7 2015, Rossland Seven Summits Centre for Learning grade ten Learners went on a West Kootenay Social Studies field trip. Stops included Idaho Peak, The Japanese Internment Museum, a visit with the Native Americans, Arrow Lakes, Nelson, Kaslo, Brilliant Suspension Bridge and the Castlegar Doukhobor Village. The following accounts of the trip were written by the Learners themselves…

West Kootenay Social Studies Road Trip, Day 3… October 7 – written by Gavin Patterson

Day three of the trip was great, we woke up at the Windsor hotel In Trout Lake. The hosts treated us to a pancake breakfast, it was really good. Before leaving Trout Lake we did two things, first we checked out the Trout Lake cemetery in the forest where Autumn did her presentation. It was really cool to see all the old tombstones.

The Windsor Hotel, Kaslo

The Windsor Hotel, Kaslo

Then, we went to check out the super old, gravity powered gasoline pump. Jonny decided that he wanted to fill up the van tank with it, even though it was $8 per gallon. After that we started driving towards the Duncan dam, on the way there, we stopped at a bridge where Delaney presented her knowledge on the abandoned and flooded town of Arrowhead in the Arrow lake. About halfway to the dam, we decided to stop and check out a hiking trail, it turned out it was just a 15 minute loop.

Cedar Grove Trail, Nakusp

Cedar Grove Trail, Nakusp

When we arrived at the Duncan dam lookout road, Clemens Unterguggenberger did his presentation about the Duncan dam. I thought it was cool that the dam was only for water regulation and not for power. After that we ate lunches that were provided to us by the generous Windsor hotel owners.

We then took Highway three running along Kootenay lake south to Kaslo BC. When we got there we had an extra hour before our next visit. I decided to take a nap in the van, I’ve no idea what anyone else did, but it was a good nap.< Gavin on the SS Moyie Gavin on the SS Moyie[/caption]

After that we started our guided tour of the S.S. Moyie. We got to see the boiler and engine, as well as the cockpit, and I also read out my presentation to my classmates about the last intact steam powered Paddlewheeler, the S.S. Moyie, it was a neat experience.

SS Moyie Titanic Parody

“I’m king of the world!”

SS Moyie, Men's Room

SS Moyie, Men’s Room

After that was over, we drove to the Kaslo High School where we were going to stay the night. For dinner we had chilli, after that we slept on the gym floor, and that concluded day three.

The next morning, we woke up early and headed down to Kokanee Creek, where we went on the Zip lines… it was awesome!

Kokanee Creek Ziplining

Kokanee Creek Ziplining

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