Who is 7 Summits for?

IMG_3001This is a locally developed centre for grade 8-12 learners. Because of the level of commitment and responsibility required for successful completion of this program, and because we expect learner interest to exceed the centre’s capacity, a selection process has been put into place. Selections are made in consultation with the learner’s past school personnel, provided references, 7S personnel, 7S board and the learner’s family.

Characteristics of successful Learners at Seven Summits Centre for Learning:

– motivated
– accept challenges
– take responsibility for their own learning
– ability to plan and regulate their own time
– show initiative
– committed and strong family involvement

Characteristics of Learners who struggle at Seven Summits Centre for Learning:

– enroll mainly to avoid another school
– enroll based on family desire rather than learner desire
– expect the school to be easy
– do not take responsibility for their learning (i.e. homework)
– need to be told what to do and when to do it
– little or no involvement in the learner’s studies and progress from the family