Chiaki Yamamoto: Toyo University in Tokyo, Japan

"Seven Summits Centre for Learning was a key part in enabling me to reach my greatest achievements in sports and in academics,” says 7S Alumni Chiaki. As one of our international students from Japan, she raced with the Black Jack Nordic team during her three years with us (Grades 10 - 12) and placed second at the Canadian National Championships in 2015 to graduate in 2016. When she first arrived in Canada, she couldn't speak much English and 7S was the 'perfect school' to provide the balance between her cross country ski training, racing and studies.

We provided her with the support and flexibility she needed to achieve as a student AND a skier.

“When I first arrived in Canada, my level of English was barely enough to have a basic conversation. It seemed like it would be a daunting task to balance my cross country ski training and racing with school. 7S was the perfect school for me with my level of English to challenge myself in school and in sports. Even though 7S allowed me work at my own pace, they still keep track of your studies and make sure you can finish the year. The mentors were always there to give me a full support whenever I was struggling. Being away from home and in a new country is sometimes hard, but the warm atmosphere of the Centre, the mentors and helpers always made me feel welcomed and at home. 7S also arranged an amazing host family for me who I still visit every year, and are like my Canadian parents to this day! Since I was cross country ski racing with Black Jack Ski Club, the flexibility of time and place with Seven Summits offered me the ability to achieve my goals as a skier and a student. I got a second place at Canadian National Championships in 2015 and still graduated at on time. After I graduated from 7S, I went back to Japan to attend Toyo University in Tokyo. I’ve been studying International Business Law while still racing competitively with the university ski team. I was also accepted for a one year exchange program with Thompson Rivers University, in Kamloops (Canada) where I studied Canadian Business Law and accounting". 

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