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Goal: $15,000.00

COVID-19 has ushered in an economic ice age, hit budgets hard and deepened the funding challenges for all non profits.  Donations are needed now more than ever to cover our projected shortfall but we understand that the economic shutdown is imposing challenges for us all.  If a financial contribution is impossible, please consider the many other ways you can help us to mitigate Covid's impact on our social enterprise.  If you have free time on your hands or a  professional skill, we would love to here from you!  Find out the many ways you can help HERE.

We receive Government funding for our teaching staff but we rely on the generosity of our community for everything else.  Our high school students directly benefit from every dollar and hour you donate!  Thank you so much for your continuing support which keeps 8-12, as well as a unique educational provision, within the heart of Rossland.