An Exceptional High School Education which offers so much more

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We provide an “EXCEPTIONAL” high school education for Grades 8 – 12. If you’re bored with the traditional approach, our “WONDERFUL atmosphere”, “AWESOME teachers”, “FANTASTIC Field trips” and “MIND BLOWING Extra Curricular activities” give our students the opportunity to do so much more with their high school education. 7S Grads leave with OUTSTANDING academic and personal achievements, close friendships and the positive mindset to enjoy a lifetime of Independent learning.

With SD71 Navigate’s innovative, award-winning educational resources on your doorstep, why aren’t you here already?!  As a 7S student you will benefit from strong academics, small classes, blended, personalized learning and excellent post-secondary preparedness delivered in a highly supportive environment.

“7S made me feel like I could be myself right away. I had an amazing time and can honestly say last winter was the most fun I’ve had in my whole life,” says 2019 Grad Anika Aschbacher who attended 7S from the Yukon to ski race with the Red Mountain Academy.

Seven Summits Centre for Learning, administered by the Visions for Small Schools Society (VSS), opened in Fall 2013, creating a new innovative option for education for grade 8–12 students from Rossland and beyond. We partner with RED MOUNTAIN ACADEMY,  BLACK JACK SKI CLUB and KOOTENAY DANCEWORKS so that athletes in sport-intensive and/or international programs can benefit from our flexible learning model.

You should never have to compromise on your academic studies in order to pursue your dreams  

With Rossland’s rich community of skills and interests, learners at Seven Summits have access to a great variety of programs, activities and local assets. You will love the self-directed, independent style of education which enables you to work ahead or dive deeper into subjects that interest you.. We facilitate this on-site with a unique blend of face-to-face teacher time and supervised access to a full range of courses which are delivered in pioneering, virtual, online classrooms.

 WHY choose Seven Summits Centre for Learning?

  • We offer the kind of custom education options you’d expect from a private school, without their expensive fees.
  • Established by the community, for the community, in 2013 to provide greater educational choice.
  • We nurture well rounded, future global citizens from in and outside the classroom.
  • It follows the B.C. Ministry of Education’s 21st Century Learning Model and is supported by fully certified B.C. teachers.
  • Our innovative, award winning education partner is SD71 NAVIGATE NIDES.  
  • Access a full range of core and elective courses that are designed using provincial curriculum and a suite of independent study choices and community initiatives.
  • Intense learning set within a highly supportive, relaxed and laid-back environment where you will feel comfortable, be happy, academically challenged and have the motivation to excel and succeed at your own pace.
  • Here, you won’t get lost in the shuffle; you will build a good rapport with teachers alongside rich, long lasting, cross-grade friendships.
  • Future-Focused: Complete projects which give you unique career insights and skills that employers want and value.
  • Kind, caring, compassionate staff and instructors.
  • Our graduates benefit from high academic standards and leave as independent, critical thinkers with impressive self-management skills and a great work ethic.
  • The student/teacher ratio is low and teachers collaborate with parents on individual student needs.
  • BOOST career prospects with our ‘FREE FRIDAYS’: A smarter, more efficient way to learn. At 7S you will have more time for sport, travel and family or to pursue work, volunteering and training opportunities alongside academic studies.