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Our innovative, forward-thinking approach to education is way ahead of the curve.

It requires courage, strength of spirit, creativity and an open mind to embrace a model of learning which isn’t yet in the mainstream but, for 7S Grads, it’s paying off big time! We celebrate fantastic results. We build future-proof skills. We encourage independence, critical thought and self-management. We provide an exceptional, personalized, and flexible high school education which enables students to assume an active role in their own development. Our learning centre is a relevant place to get ready for the rigour of university life and to prepare for the reality and challenges of applying knowledge and solving problems in the working world.

Education from a different perspective

Schools are still playing catch up in a rapidly evolving and digital world. The further you can see into the future, the better the decisions you can make today.

Question the traditional, explore the options, think for yourself, stand out from the crowd, have a voice and find an education that is right for you – one that really prepares you for what lies ahead. One that stokes your passions. Let your experience at 7S shape you without suffocating you. LOVE your high school education.

Our mission: 

To provide a highly supportive environment, which welcomes diversity in learning style and cultural background. To guide and nurture learners to discover their passions as academically minded, self-expressive and socially conscious individuals who are inspired to achieve for life.