Live the Authentic Mountain Dream and Shred your Awesome

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Filled with genuine laughter, positive energy, lively conversation, rich collaboration and cross-grade friendships, our learning centre has a small cohort which buzzes and overflows with effervescent, optimistic young people who come to us from all over Canada, and the world.  

By their very nature, our international students are extremely talented, motivated to succeed and incredibly focused on their studies. They truly thrive on our personalized, blended model of learning and benefit from the flexibility inherent in our approach which is anything but standard. Our alumni’s achievements are impressive – academically, athletically and socially. They often revisit and many have credited their time with 7S, Red Mountain Academy and their homestays (which are arranged through Red Mountain Academy) as the best year of their lives.

Choose Red! 

For recreational and competitive snow hounds, convert your Australian summer, your UK’s wet academic Michaelmas and Epiphany terms or your European gap year into a RED one. Wherever your starting point, for whatever duration suits your ambition, you can pursue a dynamic training schedule throughout the year with our sports partners alongside robust academic support. Choose from a variety of academic and elective courses from SD71’s award winning curriculum HERE and convert them back home.* (*Not all courses are transferrable. During the registration process you will need to work with the school in your home country to determine which courses and credits will be transferable upon your return.) For seamless academic progression, you can even continue studying your own schoolwork — progress with courses issued by your current Canadian school district or bring your country’s own curriculum with you, from GCSE and A Levels in the UK to the SSCE in Australia.

We are a unique blend of International, local and Canadian students, home-grown and foreign athletes — those who shred their awesome on cross-country ski trails or when they hit the cliffs and pow on the mountain. Our students are snowboarders, Nordic skiers, alpine skiers, mountain bikers, free skiers, kite surfers, runners and ballet dancers. Some find schoolwork a breeze and have the need to work at a higher level, and some require extra support to overcome academic challenges. Whatever charges them, our students emerge as articulate global citizens with good values who do well in what’s important – life.