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Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be taking place on Thursday, 24th September at 7.30pm at the Learning Centre (2110 First Avenue, Rossland).  We hope that current and prospective parents, who may be interested in finding out more about us or who wish to get more involved in our learning community, will attend in person or via Zoom.  (N.B. As expected, we will be respecting and observing all physical distancing and safety protocols so please ensure you bring a mask and sanitise your hands on arrival.  Thank you!)

Parent Meetings

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We need your help!  Please purchase Ferraro Foods Gift Cards through the centre!

The selling of Ferraro Foods gift cards is our main fundraiser and the reason why we don't need to ask our parents to sell cookie dough or Poinsettias!   

It's never been so easy to convert your grocery shopping into student benefits!   Buying them on a gift card bought through the centre helps fund a wide range of educational experiences throughout the year, from special activities and trips to our annual turkey dinner.

No extra Costs involved! 

You buy $500 and you get $500 - Ferraro Foods kicks in the 5% we now...

The day gave us the chance to find out the many reasons why new students chose to join us.  Among them were course selection, 7S providing a 'better fit', our reputation for excellence, a Covid friendly learning enviornment and the opportunity to balance learning with life for the figure skaters, dancers, cross country skiers, bikers and Red Mountain Racers who have embraced our unique blended style because it works best for them and puts them in control.

Have concerns about returning to the classroom this September? Don't worry. We have your back! We give you SEVEN reasons why you should consider SEVEN Summits Centre for Learning so that you can enjoy an exceptional high school education, safely, this Fall and beyond!

Whatshan Lake camping trip 2019

New registrations are still open and it will be business as usual for our cohort when the new academic year starts in September!  As our whole centre is considered a learning group, our small size and blended learning approach makes us more than ready for whatever the future holds!  Our teachers and support staff are looking forward to welcoming all our students back into the classroom, for consistent in person learning after our annual teambuilding 'camp'.  If conditions should change, our courses are actually designed to be 100% online so it's a win-win for those who need certainty, routine, structure, academic rigour as well as reassurances for stringent enforcement of safety and hygiene measures.

According to the Ministry of Education's restart plans, we have moved into Stage 2.   Great news for us: As a Learning Group of less than 120 people, our students will have access to regular, in-class instruction at the Centre and our schedule will be the normal Monday to Thursday 8am-4pm (seminars from 9-3) as per last year. For more important September dates click the news link above.

Rossland Covid Jingle, Trail & District Arts Council, Charles Bailey Theatre

As part of a think local campaign launched by the Trail and District Arts Council, Sly Violet conveys all the information you need about a high school education at Seven Summits Centre for Learning in a Covid jingle  set to Billie Eilish's "When the Party's Over".

Tanis Shippy becomes new administrator for Seven Summits Centre for Learning

With the snow globe of the world shaken up and normality breached, the pandemic has become a catalyst for generative change and social resolution. Among those hitting the reset button to find the right fit and a better work/life balance are Joyce Oostindie, who has been our Administrator for the last two years and Tanis Shippy, who will be replacing her for the start of the next academic year.

RED mountain ski resort hosted an extra special Covid friendly graduation ceremony for Seven Summits Centre for Learning this year so that its local grads wouldn't miss out on a fabulous rite of passage.  A ski lift processional, spectacular shots on the summit of RED for the memory banks and celebrations back down on the deck at base made it a magical experience for all involved.

Unique ski lift graduation at RED Mountain Ski Resort in Rossland BC

Rossland’s RED Mountain Ski Resort and Red Mountain Academy (RMA) are making sure our students style it on their home hill for graduation.

As online schooling becomes the new norm and students learn to navigate a new type of classroom, Rossland’s Seven Summits Centre for Learning is thriving as local parents and high school students look for a future proof solution designed to meet their current and longer term educational needs.

St Andrew’s United Church is selling dozens of its pews from the 1950s ahead of its $344,000 renovation project and Seven Summits Centre for Learning has become the first in line to reserve a pair of in order to retain a little piece of local history within its walls.

Our Centre may be closed while students work 100% online from home but we've opened up our commercial kitchen so that volunteers can use it to tackle local food poverty.

Remi Drolet is one of Canada's new generation of elite cross country skiers and attended 7S so that he could balance learning with life. He now studies Physics at Harvard University and recently anchored an historic silver medal finish by Canada's 4 x 5 km relay team. 

Tayne Steven Kiteboarding Olympics World's first kiteboarding academy Rossland BC Canada

Tayne Steven is a super motivated grade 11 student at 7S, the site of the world’s first Kitefoiling academy, who is celebrating a neat sponsorship deal with CORE Kites Canada.

BC Debating Championships

"We are happy to support youth in their efforts to develop the important skills of logic, reasoning and advocacy,” says lawyer Danielle Daroux, whose firm along with School District 71 funded 7S so that its debaters could attend the recent Law Foundation Cup 2020 in Vancouver, organised by Debate BC. 

We’re currently in consultation with parents to determine the future for smartphones within our learning centre. The aim is to give students back their time and freedom rather than taking their devices away and ‘banning’ cell phones.

We wanted to thank all the local businesses and individuals who donated silent auction prizes to our fundraising fiesta, all the people who bid on them, all the volunteers who made it such a success, and all those who came to party. Together we raised our biggest total to date and we look forward to spending all the monies raised on our student activities.

Our Fundraising Fiesta will kick off with Mexican-themed appies courtesy of Cahoots Kitchen and a silent auction.  Rossland Beer Company will sponsor our cash bar and to get everyone up on the dance floor to bust their moves, live music will be provided by ‘Shredded Cheese’, led by local musician David Stubbs.

Nico Burton's youngest team rider

Neko joined 7S last Summer so that he could continue to balance his love of snowboarding with school work.  Our flexible, blended style of learning enables athletes like him to pursue their personal passions without compromising their high school education.

Free Fridays:  7S is beefing up the perks for staff and students by modifying its week into four longer days.  The innovative pioneer in cutting-edge high school education is breaking the mould to establish a smarter way of working for its fully qualified B.C. teachers and high achieving grade 8-12 students.

Students have been shovelling and getting their dig on to prep the land in Sour Dough Alley ahead of tomorrow's Golden City Days event. Make sure you bring your mini gold diggers along to our stand from 12.30 and STAKE YOUR CLAIM.

Every academic year at 7S starts off with a three day camping trip where friendships are made and solidified.  As this teambuilding game demonstated, sometimes you need creativity and the help of others to get to where you need to go. Students had to get from one end of the log to the other, in silence and without touching the ground.