7S helps entrepreneurial grad get new business off the ground

Trail entrepreneur and artist, Hailey Revolone, has successfully launched her own business at the age of 21 with the help of 7S!  We became Mystic Design’s first official client, harnessing Hailey’s creative eye and helping her design her own future.
As a 7S Grad, Hailey has applied her unique insight to her new venture’s first project, producing a raft of marketing materials which the innovative educator can express itself through.  These include new van decals, sticker designs, banners, fundraising merchandise and a poster advertising campaign.  Taking control of her career in the same way she took charge of her high school experience has allowed Hailey to make the transition from lead designer at HTR Designs in Castlegar to being her own boss, specialising in logo design, brand identity, website development, and graphic design.
“This opportunity has enabled me to take control of my career, and tailor my day-to-day to focus on the aspects of design I’m really passionate about,” says Hailey whose career highlights to date have included working at SpeedPro Signs as well as The VISAC Art Gallery in Trail where she was its Social Media Manager.  She also had her artwork displayed at The Kootenay Gallery of Art as a College student.  “Being able to use my creativity to aid the community around me is incredibly fulfilling and I hope to become an asset to the existing and emerging businesses within it!” she adds.
“We’re incredibly proud of Hailey! She’s great to work with and instinctively knows what we want and need from a design perspective.  She also understands what will resonate with a young demographic, as well as our students, having recently been one herself!” says Vivienne Hurley, marketing coordinator at Seven Summits Centre for Learning.  “She also proves that Innovation in Education leads to Innovation in adulthood!” she adds.
After moving from Calgary to Trail in 2013 at age 14, Hailey completed Grades 10 through 12 at 7S in just two years.  Its flexible learning platform enabled her to graduate a full year early as a 16-year-old so that she could attend the Digital Arts & New Media programme at Nelson’s Selkirk College campus.  “The ‘traditional’ school setting was not for me but luckily I was granted the freedom to take control of my own learning experience at 7S.  By finding out more about myself, I found the perfect formula for my future, excelled academically in a way I couldn’t have anywhere else, and it still continues to guide and support my growth forwards,” she adds.
Hailey explains why she has chosen to remain in Trail and use the Kootenays as a base for her new design business: “When I arrived in the Kootenays as a teenager, I immediately fell in love with the lifestyle here.  Living within a smaller community means having so much more connection to the people around me. As an artist, I also find mountain life to be inspirational in a creative sense, so I really didn't see a need to move further away; I felt that I had already found my home." 
Any individuals, businesses or organizations wishing to find out more about Mystic Design can follow Hailey Revolone @MysticDesignCA (FB/Insta), Email hailey@mysticdesign.ca or www.mysticdesign.ca
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