Earth Day, Every Day!

Make Earth Day 2021 the springboard you need to start making a meaningful difference on a local level.

Visit the official EARTH DAY website 

Click HERE for a wealth of Earth Day resources!

Compost with Seven Summits Centre for Learning!

To mark Earth Day, we will be launching a composting initiative!.  We'll be starting a small compost onsite, for our parents, students and staff.  If you want to set your own one up learn with us - follow our progress on our website and social media pages!  We will be tapping into the knowledge of local experts to find out about what should be composted and how to avoid a compost site becoming an attractant.  We hope to start small and limit it to our Learning Family to begin with before opening it up to the rest of the community.  More details coming soon!

DIY Pallet Compost Bin!

Click HERE to find out how to build your own compost bin out of pallets.

Measure your Foodprint!

Click HERE to access the best Foodprint calculators and find out what impact your food choices have on the planet.  You can help the environment by simply eating less meat, changing what you choose to put on your plate and where you buy it from.  


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