Everyday is Remembrance Day

“Rossland is my home, but as a soldier I have been to many places.” Lyle Crispin

Lyle Crispin, a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, was the guest speaker at Seven Summits Centre for Learning talking about Remembrance Day topics. Crispin used a question-and-answer format to find out what Remembrance Day meant to each student individually. 

“I think about how we can help and honor all those who have fought for our freedom,” said Cooper Legler, a Grade 12 student. 

“The ceremony and silence that I will observe is because I am grateful for not having to fight, and I am grateful for those who did fight, and secured my freedom,” said Matt Sauer, a Grade 12 student. 

“I think how important it is for us not to have a ‘we/they’ mentality. We must re-frame to focus on how we are all connected by a shared humanity,” said Tanis Shippy, the Centre Administrator. 

As students gave their comments, the message of peace, kindness, and communication set the stage for the November 11th holiday to be a day of gratitude and reflection.

As Crispin spoke to the students about the military, war, conflict, and atrocities he witnessed, the students received a glimpse into the pain of his previous experiences. He told them many times conflict is created by the powers that be, making it seem hard to change or affect outcomes. “I am an eternal optimist, and my hope is that you students know your power and how each of you can influence and make a difference,” Crispin said. “I want you to know that peaceful solutions always exist, just work to communicate and seek peace.” 

Clearly, it doesn’t take a seasoned soldier to provide this message, but the message was resoundingly clear coming from someone who fought and served for his country. 

“We are soldiers, we follow orders, and not everyone gets out alive, so for us every day is a Remembrance Day of friends, occurrences- beginnings and endings. Take tomorrow to do for yourselves that which makes you thankful for what you have today. Remember those who have fallen, and those who sacrificed a part of themselves for our collective freedom and peace.”  


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Author: Tara Hauck, Marketing Coordinator Seven Summits Centre for Learning.

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