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Our students are our brand ambassadors, as well as our greatest advocates, and a measure of our learning centre's success.  As you will see, they have many different reasons for choosing an innovative, flexible, and self-directed high school education.  We're very proud of our current cohort and all our graduates, whether they choose to travel, pursue their dreams, a highly skilled trade or go to university.  Our alumni attend some of the world's best post-secondary destinations (including Harvard and UBC) and our sports academy students are making a mark on the Canadian and world stage too, with Olympian hopefuls among them. Each and every one of them is 'extra' ordinary in our eyes and leaves with a little bit of 7S in their hearts as well as an impressive skill set, maturity and moral compass to guide them on their way. 

Here are just a few of their stories - click on their images below to read each student's profile.