Our Town and Mountain:

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Rossland BC Canada

Our International students and families have one thing in common, their draw to a unique, dynamic and close- knit community which is as revolutionary, active and vibrant as it was when a daring cadre of hard-rock miners, ski jumpers and downhill enthusiasts first established Rossland as their home.

This is where it all began. The roots of competitive skiing in North America, well before the first chairlift was built. The same flair, enthusiasm and élan of Olaus Jeldness – the father of downhill skiing in Western Canada — remains fierce in every aspect of our community. Our town’s soul and verve was built on it and the co-operative effort and vigorous spirit of the people who made it so, continue to fire and energise it.

Our authentic ski town is filled with talented individuals who are as beautiful, strong and diverse as the mountains which surround them. Rossland is the home of Canada’s oldest WINTER CARNIVAL, many Olympians, future Olympic hopefuls and Canada’s first World Cup Ski Races. It still attracts the young, the young at heart, the gifted and the adventurous, and continues to make headlines. OUR MOUNTAIN PLAYGROUND is one of the best in Canada and is North America’s MOUNTAIN BIKING capital.   It captures the imagination in Winter and, once the snow melts and the ski gear is packed away, ROSSLAND IN SUMMER is just as magical.  It is also said to boast the highest number of doctors per capita than any other City in Canada.  The rewards of the adventure you begin here will be explosive — a nod to the ancient volcanic crater we live in!