Remi Drolet: Harvard University

"Seven Summits Centre for Learning is an incredible opportunity if you take full advantage of it. It has a lot to offer and as an athlete, it worked well for me and allowed me to chase my goals,” says Remi who attended 7S for his final three years of high school, “had a great experience”, received “strong support from teachers” and raced with the Black Jack Nordic team. He received the Governor General’s award from SD71 Navigate NIDES and chose Harvard university as his next destination, where he continued his athletic development, was named to the Canadian National Ski Team and recently made history at the world junior championships.   “During my time at 7S I believe I learned to be more self reliant and to strive for excellence in my work. What worked best for me was the ability to work with my teachers to achieve greater flexibility in the completion of my studies. This allowed me to maintain a high level of academic performance while recovering from a very long-lasting concussion and training to compete in high performance sport.”

Grad Year: