A rich and varied Curriculum

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Time is something you never get back — manage it wisely. Use 7S to hack your life and your high school education.

Our rich, varied and flexible curriculum is provided by the innovative, award-winning SD71 Navigate NIDES program. 

Creative education solutions are delivered and supported on site by our approachable, BC-qualified teachers to achieve academic success, positive outcomes and develop a mindset which is intrinsically motivated and goal oriented.  At 7S we work with you to ensure you choose a schedule which matches needs and provides balance between learning and life.  You can register throughout the year and pursue your own interests every Friday.  You can even graduate early.   

Flexible and limitless, for athletes and non-athletes:

The flexibility of our curriculum enables the academically strong to work ahead and offers others the framework and support to catch up. Students work with teachers to set a pace that works for them. We are the perfect fit for the high performing athlete who needs to control their location and time for study in order to compete, travel and train.


Involvement in our unique community is an integral aspect of life at 7S. Students can accrue the volunteer credits required to graduate, aligning opportunities with their talents, personal interests and aspirations.

What will your schedule look like?

We've included a couple of sample student timetables below to give you an idea of what your days might look like here, across both semesters.  Your schedule will be determined by what grade you are in, your individual learning goals and whether you are part of a sports academy.  Schedules are designed to align with the academic and training needs of each student and are facilitated by our 'Free Fridays'.  Freeskiers follow the Alpine race schedule, largely training from Friday to Sundays without affecting seminar, workshop or classroom time.  Traditionally, Alpine racers train Wednesday & Thursday mornings and all day Friday during Winter season which is accommodated within their schedules.   Our Nordic skiers usually train out of school hours but our flexible approach to learning means they can attend races without compromising their academics.  Our kitefoiling students only attend our learning centre for part of the year and continue to learn remotely overseas when they are in training from November to March. Our dancing academy students usually train in the mornings and join classes in our learning centre at later start times.

Sample timetables: