Samara Kuhn: University of British Columbia

Samara Kuhn attended 7S for three years, starting in 2016/17.   "Thriving in its blended learning environment she worked on grade 10, 11 and 12 classes in her last two years and graduated a year early.

“Being able to work at my own pace, while receiving my teachers’ help, allowed me to graduate a year early while still being able to maintain an academic average with which I was happy. Getting my high school education at 7S has allowed me to gain a vast array of skills. Learning how to properly manage my time and school work with the rest of my life has already and will continue to serve me well. Through all of the wonderful volunteer opportunities that come along with attending Seven Summits, I have gained many important communication skills, ranging from face to face to online. Once I graduate from Seven Summits I will be moving to France for 10 months on a Rotary exchange. I will be attending high school while abroad, but it will be used as a way for me to learn French aswell as French culture. Upon my return from France, I am moving to Vancouver to attend UBC. I will be getting a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology over four years. If you have any interest in going to Seven Summits, I think that you should try it out. The wonderful teachers and staff will be there to help you with anything, whether it be course-related or activities outside of school. Everyone who works and helps in this school wants to see you succeed and they will do everything it takes to make sure that happens. This school creates such a wonderful environment for athletes because, for those missing a lot of school, Seven Summits is here to accommodate your schedule in a way that other schools are unable to do.”

Grad Year: