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Aim higher than standard educational benchmarks. Orient yourself towards relevant, life-long learning and gain the organizational and interpersonal skills to excel.

Possess the dedication, motivation and effort required for high academic performance and achievement to attain your short and long-term goals.

Our approach will teach you how to study and think independently. It will give you the ability to problem solve, prioritize, manage time and build strategies to deal with procrastination.

Navigate NIDES: Our award winning academic partner

Discover new learning options at 7S. Our teachers are specialists in the subjects they love. They energize and engage their classes and facilitate the innovative delivery of online and elective courses with our AWARD-WINNING academic partners — BC School District 71’s Navigate NIDES

Make your high school years THE BEST

Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it can be transformational. How many people can say, honestly, that their high school years were the best? Our grads can. They leave us with fantastic results as well as a little piece of 7S in their hearts.

Accomplish the incredible

Here we tap into YOU and connect to YOUR interests, strengths and passions. We believe that if you’re invested in your own learning and it has personal relevance to you, it makes it enjoyable, and drives and motivates you to accomplish the incredible. No eyes glazing over, apathy or head dropping here. We create experiences that are engaging and far reaching, ones that encourage collaboration and a true sense of ownership, where students of varying abilities and skills help each other. That’s our standard. It’s high.

7S grads stand out.

They know who they are. They’ve grown within an incredibly close-knit, safe and supportive learning environment. They’ve benefited from our low teacher-to-student ratios, can self motivate, and have carved out futures at top universities across the world, including Harvard. They’re turning their passions into careers.

We base our success on whether our students achieve their greatest potential. 7S grads have hungry minds, they have intellectual curiosity, they have the desire to engage and understand the world. They have a breadth of interests and leave with skills that their peers have yet to develop.

Find your place and pace.

From the academically gifted to the ones that need more attention in class to thrive, if you prefer smaller class sizes, require a personalized learning schedule to pursue your dreams or you want it all in terms of sporting and academic success, we were made for you.