We live in a digital world where we are “connected” to many but feel connected to only a few. At 7S we are plugged into life, our surroundings, people and real conversations, as well as our learning platforms.

Feel Connected!

We’re closely connected to the vibrant, eclectic, quirky and yes, totally brilliant community in which we live. 7S parents and supporters selflessly volunteer their time, local creatives run workshops, speakers give us a unique insight into their world, advocates share our ethos, and mentors from the business community continue to provide positive role models to the benefit of our curriculum, fundraising events and student body.

We connect the process of learning to what's learned. We give learning meaning, purpose and direction by providing context.

We are connected to what is real and important; what motivates us and gives us our drive - friendships, happiness, health, attitude, fulfillment, passions, interests, goals, and dreams.

We’re connected to each other. We are passionate and focused; we respect and value each other’s opinion; we celebrate individuality and diversity; we support each other and volunteer our time, skills and knowledge.

We are connected to our Ski, Dance and Kiteboarding Academies – Kootenay DanceWorks, Black Jack Ski Club and Red Mountain Academy – together we give students the flexibility and support to pursue their interests recreationally and competitively. We help them reach their personal goals and make their dreams a reality.

We are connected to the future. We are the future. Creating Adventures In Learning!