This is what the future of education looks like:     Our focus. Our approach. Our outcomes.

7S alumni are well-rounded, inquisitive, collaborative and creative problem solvers. They leave with impressive self-management skills, a great work ethic, heaps of self-belief, and have direction.

We don’t tell them what to think, but how to think for themselves. We allow them the space to breathe and grow.

We ease students toward independence, we combine autonomy with responsibility and don’t do for them what they should do for themselves.

We are Innovative educators:  experts in blended learning

As innovative educators, we’ve blended the best of the digital world with the traditional to make an exceptional 21st Century high school alternative which is academically robust, technically advanced and empowers youth.

Enthusiastic and highly qualified BC-certified teachers who love their subjects share their knowledge, face-to-face, in small groups. One-on-one time is given to those that need the extra boost. Experts run authentically engaging workshops and talks. We pursue adventure, fitness and personal growth in nature’s playground and learn by doing on exciting field trips. We blend all this with supervised access to a full range of courses delivered in pioneering, virtual, online classrooms.

What is blended learning?

ALL core and elective BC curriculum courses followed by 7S students are 100% online and originate from SD71 Navigate NIDES, our award winning academic partner.    ALL courses are teacher led and supported.  Teaching is either delivered face to face (physically) within our Learning Centre in Rossland OR teachers lead the student remotely, with additional in person Learning Centre supervision. 

Please refer to this table for a breakdown of the courses (Grades 8 - 12) which are delivered face to face, on-site and in person from within our Learning Centre.  (There are many other courses available for students to choose from which are not listed in this table.  These can also be completed on-site with teacher support and supervision).    

Please note:  COVID restrictions mean that 7S students can choose to come into the Centre OR have their classrooms flipped into their home as conditions dictate but they will always receive experienced teacher support.  The additional benefit mid and post pandemic is that our courses are designed to be delivered 100% online if required and are tailored to that need, which is why so many athletes choose 7S for their high school education.  We enable them to achieve their academic goals alongside their training, competitive and sport development goals. 

Become an architect of your own destiny

You can pursue what your heart craves and what really interests you, without compromise. You can do it at your own pace. You really can have it all. Join the revolution — become a co-author of your own learning and an architect of your own destiny.